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The Firm

SERADA REALTY SDN BHD is a wholly owned Bumiputera company incorporated on 8th September 1984. The Company was founded and headed by Puan Sri Hajjah Nariah Binti Muhamad a seasoned and experienced businesswomen with profesionals in construction field. These profesionals are selected from the background particularly in construction to handle present or future project.

The company's principal activity is project construction and management. The company is registered with Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor (PKK) as a class A (Bumiputera) contractor and also with Lembaga Pembangunan Pembinaan Malaysia (CIDB) grade G7. SERADA REALTY SDN BHD successfully achieved its MS ISO 9001 : 2015 on 27th October 2018, "Provision of Construction of Building and Civil Engineering including Project Management".

Since its inception, the company has been actively involved in various construction activities such as earthworks, roads, infrastructure, oublic buildings, housing and landscaping.

SERADA REALTY SDN BHD has had the experience of being involve in design and build project. This experince in promiting the success of project implementation.

With the wide ranging experince in construction activities and dedicated, highly motivated and well trained profesionals - SERADA REALTY SDN BHD is poised to be one of the leading contractors of the millenium.

The Mission

• to provide clients with a reliable and high quality of services and products

• to provide clients with new approaches, creative ideas and innovative engineering solutions

• ensure the company development into a multi-disciplinary construction is achieved with specialization and expertise

• to deliver all projects as per schedule and achieve the pre-state quality

• establish staff development through efficient, effectiveness and quality training

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The Vision

• building the company name to be one of the leading contractors worldwide

• diversified the company into muti-disciplinary construction

• building a mega structure which can be appreciated by generations

• to meet the national demand into moving toward the future

Our Services

We build tomorrow. We put a sparkle in your project. Whatever it takes.

General Construction

Interior Design

Hiasan Dalaman

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering


Mencuci Bangunan

Membersih Kawasan

Mengangkat Sampah

Supply & Services

Perabot, Alat Perhubungan, Pakaian dan Kelengkapan, Kamera / Peralatan, Bahan Minuman, Makanan Mentah Basah, Makanan Mentah Kering, Makanan Bermasak Islam, Kimia Makmal, Bahan Binaan, Bot, Kapal Laut / Kapal Selam, Alatganti Dan Kelengkapan Bot / Kapal, Peralatan Marin, Software Product And Services, Alat-Alat Merin, Peralatan Kawalan Keselamatan, Pump / Paip Air Dan Komponen, Jentera Berat / Kenderaan / Jentera, Bot Tunda / Feri / Bot / Bot Malim, Kontrak Buruh, Bangunan, Hiasan Jalan / Kawasan, Membina Tukun Tiruan, Lesen / Pengenalan Dan Pas Keselamatan Bersalut

Meet the Team

We are a gorgeous team with great skills. See the faces behind the concrete and plywood.

Puan Sri Hajjah Nariah bt. Muhammad


Broad vision. Careful thought. Hand-crafted design.

Ainuddin b. Tan Sri Dato' Haji Abdullah


Building the future. Restoring the past.

Our Projects

We are proud of what we do. This is just an example of our greatest projects.


Past project. Completed on January 1st 2010



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Creating a sustainable future through building preservation, green architecture, and smart design.

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We 've worked with many serious brands in the industry.

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No 5, Tingkat Satu, Wisma Armon, Jalan Kamaruddin, 20400 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu

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